Friday, November 21, 2014

$30.00 Challenge

Today I was challenged by mom to go get essential things we always need using coupons and only using $30. I had my list and this is what my trip ended up as. I spent $30.13 for everything pictured, shopped at three different stores, and got back a $5 gift card from.

Here comes my break down in case you want to go get the same items for your home:

1) The first store I went to was K-Mart. Right now if you are a shop your way member if you by 3 of the Downy detergents they each $5.00 a piece  which brings your total to $15.00 plus tax. This is a really good deal considering they are normally a lot more. In this weeks paper we had a coupon for $5.00/3 tide or downy products which brought the total down to $10.00, but as a member you get a coupon for $5.00 off your next purchase and 5000 points back for your account. 

I had some additional points on my account, so for the 3 bottles of Downy  I paid $2.00. For some reason my points did not show up so they gave me  a $5.00 gift card.

2) My next stop was Family Dollar. Here I bought the bulk of my items. This included: peanut butter, jelly, paper towels, toilet paper, 3 packs of lance crackers, 2 bottles of dawn soap, and 2 bottles of Mr. Clean muscle soap.  
I had coupons for the following:
Dawn, Mr. Clean, Brawny paper towels, and Smucker's jelly- (Most of these came out of this weeks P&G insert)
My total for everything was $25. 30 after coupons.

3) My third transaction was at CVS. I bought two 50 oz. bottles of tide at $5.94 a piece. I had a $5.00 extra buck coupon I was rewarded from taking a survey with the CVS Advisory panel. I also had 2 $1.50 off coupons and 1 $2.00 off coupon, which made the final price at $2.76 for two bottles of tide.
I ended up for this challenge spending $30.06.